• Laminated / Safety Glass
  • Walk on Glass
  • Bullet Proof Glass
  • Multilayer & Tampered Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Float Glass
  • Auto Glass
  • Obscure Glass
Best Glass Care - Glass installations
GLASS REPLACEMENT / installations

Having your glass replaced is not an every day occurrence and can be a daunting process. The main priority for most people is to find a glazier who offers a fast and reliable service. By choosing Best Glass Care Services you can be assured that our professional team can solve any problem associated with broken glass.

Glass Cutting

We offer cut to size services for free to customers who would have purchased full sheets.


Practical and visually appealing, this window with its option of top hung vents is weather sealed, eliminating draughts. High-quality Stainless steel friction stays ensure reliable, smooth and silent operation. Extrememly popular casement window are attractive whilst offering an alternative ventilation option. With its quality wool pile wheatherseal to ensure a draught free closure.


Window replacement can be required in many situations including replacement of broken or scratched glass, changing the style of glass or even to upgrade to safety glass. Visual Reflections offers a fast and reliable window glass replacement service throughout Bulawayo for either domestic or commercial premises. Many window replacements are required as soon as possible because they present a danger or security risk therefore our emergency glass service is required to resolve these situations. A specially designed fleet of custom glass carrying vehicles, which are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, ensures your job can be completed in the fastest possible time to minimize any inconvenience.

WINDOW REPAIRS & replacement

Broken window glass can present a danger, a security risk or just be unsightly in your home or business. The best solution is to have your glass replaced as soon as possible to eliminate any of these problems. As glass experts BGC offers a fast and reliable mobile glass repair service throughout the Johannesburg area. There are many different types of windows ranging from small colonial style domestic windows through to large glass panels in commercial buildings. Our factories stock most types of glass, which enables us to provide a same day or next day service in most of these situations.

  • Casement Windows
  • Shopfront Windows
  • Slidding Windows
Best Glass Care - Window Repairs

We supply and install mirrors, we also offer polishing, beveling and drilling of holes for the mounting of mirrors or for hinge holes.


Apart from being an essential inclusion in any bathroom a mirror can offer more than a simple reflection. Mirrors are available in many shapes and sizes that will fit into the design of any bathroom and provide a feature that will complete your room. Custom made Visual Reflections mirrors provide the most impact by transforming your bathroom into a beautiful and elegant space. In keeping with current design trends a majority of our mirrors are completely frame-less, which contributes to the illusion of space in any application.

Best Glass Care - Mirrors

Besides the basic function of mirrors to provide reflection, many interior designers have discovered the value of including decorative mirrors in their designs. Decorative mirrors will give an illusion of space, which can instantly add value to any property. Traditional areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms require mirrors, however mirrors can be used in many other creative ways. The perfect decorative mirror becomes a feature of your room and blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

  • Pivot Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Folding / Stacking Doors
  • Pallet Doors
  • Stack Away Doors

BGC manufactures and installs most types of Sliding / Patio or stacking doors. Mostly used in the main areas of the house or business to create a feeling of joining the interior and exterior of the property. Whilst this product is both aesthetically pleasing, it is one of the most secure products in our range, offering 3, 5, 7 or 9 panel as either right or left hand side locking.

Best Glass Care - Doors

This door comes as a single door panel and moves on a rotating pivot set which is mounted at the top and bottom of the door. It is made to be one of the more visually appealing doors in our range which allows for designs to be created within the panel. A showpiece to the entrance of your building.

Best Glass Care - Doors

A cost effective and efficient sliding door which has several applications for both internal and external use. With a low-profile frame, these doors also allow for increased natural light and clear views.


The stable door is a popular option for many kitchens and sculleries. It is a single hinge door that has been separated into a top half, which can be opened independently, and the bottom half which can be locked in place. A popular choice where ventilation is needed, yet pets for example need to be protected inside or kept out of the house.

Double Hinge and Single Hinge door

Available in both single and doule panels, our hinged door is a popular choice for both internal and external use in your building. When fitted for external use, these doors offer full weather proofing, however can be fitted internally without a bottom sill leaving your floors free of any obstructions.


Secure your home and protect your family with Sliding Security Gates. Retractable security gates, also known as expandable or concertina style security gates are probably the most popular security gate on the market today. This is due to its ability to retract out of the way when opening.


Security gates can be aesthetically appealing and provide the necessary security to an area. Strength and sturdiness are important with your security gates, and our technicians will see to it that you are provided with safety solutions that don't make you feel confined.


BGC is involved in the rolling and bending of powder coated aluminium sections for use in various industries that require curved (radiused) sections. With our selection of section rolling equipment, we are in a position to roll and bend most of the aluminium sections currently available.

Alluminum Bending

The following powder coated/mill finish profiles can be bent on site – 26b-equal leg

Beading : Clipp 44 & Casement 28 Bead"

Best Glass Care - Alluminum Bending
Best Glass Care - Balustrades
Best Glass Care - Balustrades
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